Revenue Based Financing to grow your online business

What is Online Merchant Finance

It is a short term revolving facility that can be used by SMEs to grow their online business on our partner platforms

How does it work

One-time approval of limits

Use limits for your working capital needs

Solution overview


  • Digital approval processes
  • Unsecured revolving credit limits

Benefits for sellers

  • No collateral
  • Simple, digital process
  • Repayments using a portion of sales proceeds
  • Transparent commercial terms

Benefits for B2B marketplaces

  • Increase online sales
  • Strengthen seller relationship
  • Available for sellers of goods as well as services

Advantages of Indium Finance solution

  • Strong partnership approach
  • Focus on business value creation
  • Flexible and adaptable for SMEs’ evolving needs
  • Designed for simplicity and efficiency